A Little of Everything in the Caribbean

Many people know or have heard of the sun-soaked Caribbean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that boasts sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and warm weather. What most people do not know is that the Caribbean is more than one island.

More than 7,000 individual islands make up what is known as the Caribbean. This is inclusive of 13 sovereign nations, and 12 dependencies. Each of these islands has an influx of visitors each year because there is no place in the world like it.

So how do you pick just one? Some are made for adventure, while others offer relaxation and swimming. Many have a historical appeal, and others have lush natural vegetation that is easy to admire. Most of them offer luxurious stays and thrilling nightlife.

If you were to pick just one, consider the island with a little bit of everything, St. Lucia. It is known for green jungles, stunning peaks, volcanic beaches, and thrilling experiences on every corner. 

One of the Best Views in the Caribbean

Many islands boast having the best view in the world. For St. Lucia, that is actually true. The south-west corner of St. Lucia has been photographed thousands of items by tourists and travel blogs.

The first thing you are sure to notice is a pair of jagged volcanic peaks. This is The Pitons so huge that planes must skirt around to touch down at the island’s international airport. From afar, they are majestic and beautiful. If you manage to find accommodation near this view, you will wake up in awe every day. 

Fine Sandy Beaches

St. Lucia has volcanic origins but managed to get that golden sand on its beaches. The beaches on this island are clean and offer a somewhat magical effect when the sun heats up the sand into a golden hue. Relaxing by the beach is a tourist and local favorite. The calm sounds of waves will put you at peace as a wash of crystal blue water entertains you from afar. 

Scale the Mountains

For the thrill-seekers, you will have your hands full, trying to scale Scafell Pike. This mountain stands at 798 meters tall and offers a proper challenge. Climbing this peak is for the determined who want to cross it off the bucket list. The heat and humidity alone are a challenge together with the steep muddy slopes. The view at the top will be worth the hike. So be sure to bring plenty of water and food. 

Enjoy the Great World Underwater

After the thrilling experience, you need an activity that is just as magical but a little more chilled. For this, look no further than the crystal blue waters for scuba diving. Scuba diving in St. Lucia is a great experience. The waters here are clean and warm, so you will see colorful coral and deep walls and wrecks. It is precisely what you want to experience for the first time. 

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